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Do you need Local SEO? The answer to that question is easy to answer. If you want to rank high on Google for a search term which defines a location like a city or a town then you’re looking for Local SEO. The process of ranking a website high for a local search term and nationwide search term use similar techniques but the small differences between the techniques make a big difference.

Local SEO is relatively new when compared to SEO in general. Around 7 years ago Google started the process of integrating location of the searcher and the location of businesses into the search results making the results more relevant to the searcher. These days if you were to Google for a business like an Accountant you will get results that relevant and close to your location – making the most of this is critical for succeeding with internet marketing.

What Are Local SEO Keywords?

There is a VERY good chance you used a Local SEO keyword into Google in order to find us – SEO Edinburgh. The only difference between a nationwide search and local search is defining a geographical location. Other examples would be “Chiropractor near Princes Street”, “Barber in Leith” or even “Hotel in Edinburgh”.

Local SEO As A Service for Edinburgh Businesses

Surprisingly Local SEO services and National SEO services used to rank nationally or internationally are fairly similar. The biggest differences are setting up local profiles with Google and ensuring we get you listed on the best websites related to your industry and location. We have some clients that have started small in Edinburgh and grown to an international level, our SEO packages are flexible and allow for your targets to change – just let us know when you need to change something and we will accommodate it into how we work.

Our Local SEO Results

Like any good SEO company we have a track record and have been able to get our clients high positions on Google. Examples of this are below, some of these are existing clients and some have since stopped our services. That’s right when you stop using our SEO service you don’t drop overnight. Unlike some SEO consultants we don’t use future drops to scare our clients, all we do is tell it how we see it. In other words, websites do drop over time but I have no idea if it will be tomorrow and two years from now.

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If you want to follow the footsteps of our successful clients then just get in touch.