Getting your website in front of people who are most likely to buy from you is exactly what our SEO services and marketing are for. With conventional marketing, you can target campaigns at specific demographics and locations and you can do the exact same with Search Engine Optimisation.

Nationwide SEO

Using the same techniques as Local SEO but on a larger scale with more locations is what Nationwide SEO does. An example would be a car hire company with multiple locations across the UK. They will want to rank high for search terms such as “car hire Edinburgh”, “car hire London” and “car hire Glasgow”. These local searches would then be targetted at landing pages for each location in order to enhance CRO. It doesn’t stop there.

At Teckle Digital Agency, we like our Nationwide campaigns to target the broad terms also. This means that in theory, anyone in the UK should then be able to use a search like “car hire” and reach our client’s website. These broad searches will provide higher search volume than local searches but all things being equal are likely to convert at a smaller percentage when compared to local landing pages.


The techniques used during a Nationwide campaign are very similar to Local SEO in that we provide the same services mixed with Google MyBusiness and geographically targetted links, citations and references. To learn more about how your local internet marketing agency can help you rank higher nationally get in touch.

Search Terms We Have Ranked Nationally For

  • Student Accommodation – Edinburgh, Newcastle, Dundee, Durham, Glasgow (e.g. Student Accommodation Newcastle )
  • Paintball – Glasgow, Edinburgh, Manchester (e.g. Paintball Glasgow)
  • Car Hire – Edinburgh, Glasgow, Manchester (e.g. Car hire Edinburgh Airport)
  • Log Cabins UK
  • Log Cabins with hot tubs

International SEO

Being based in Edinburgh we know the importance to catering for international customers. In most cases, international SEO is needed when you want to rank across the globe for a specific keyword. International SEO requires a comprehensive plan, for example, your business may need to translate content into various languages and your website may need a large overhaul to ensure multilingual support is both possible and SEO friendly.

Planning, designing and developing multilingual websites is something of a niche speciality of ours. We have gone through the process on numerous occasions to ensure our International projects have the best chance of ranking high across the globe.


Like National and Local SEO the overall techniques are similar but the amount of work required to rank internationally is significantly more. As you can imagine when competing internationally we up against other companies with varying levels of marketing support and budget. You may also be more likely to encounter Google penalties if you employ the use of a cheap SEO service.

Search Terms We Have Ranked Internationally For

  • Acne Treatment
  • Buy 4K Monitors
  • Learn guitar online
  • Gaming Monitor

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