Web Design And SEO In Edinburgh
Web Design And SEO In Edinburgh

Affordable Web Design Services in Edinburgh

We are a full-service digital marketing agency meaning we provide everything including professional web design design. We pride ourselves in providing our clients with websites that are designed well and work great. Our processes are streamlined, ensuring your project can be launched on time and within your budget.

We are well known for providing web design services at affordable prices with great results.

Teckle Digital Agency specialises in providing high quality, professional and affordable web design services throughout the Edinburgh area. We have over a decade of experience providing website development of all shapes and sizes for businesses all around Scotland. We even have a number of international clients and household names.

We can design small to medium brochure/Informational pages for local businesses ( Accountants, Chiropractors, Plumbers, Solicitors, Schools – the list goes on) as well as complex data-driven web applications (E-commerce, Estate agents etc.) and niche social networks. Our prices match the expertise, quality and customer service that you will receive.

We have been in the web and digital marketing industry since 2006 and have grown steadily with a massive list of happy clients.

We take a lot of pride in working with our clients. Our aim is to produce the very best solution for your business needs and well within your budget. Ensuring your website is usable to all of your visitors is of paramount importance to us, which is why we do not charge extra for responsive and mobile friendly, speed testing and a warranty period! We were providing mobile friendly web design before many of our competitors knew what it even meant!

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Why Choose Us For Your Web Design Project?

Firstly, we are a leading digital marketing company which means we don’t only know to build a nice looking website with all the bells and whistles that you need, but it means we know how to build a site that is search engine friendly and will have the best chance of getting to page one when partnered up with our service. 90% of people that read this will know this reason alone is enough to get in touch with us. Understandably, others will want a few more reasons.

Let’s be honest, any freelance web designer can put together a nice looking website for you. It may even look nice on mobile and seem to work well, but does it give your business a measurable improvement in revenues? If our past experiences are anything to go by then likely not. Like every business investment, your new website must be able to return on its investment but if it hasn’t been tested and measures against real data and real customers how can anyone be sure?!

We don’t just design you a nice looking page, we go one step further and design towards a website layout that will help converts your visitors into paying customers. We use proven techniques which come backed up by Conversion Rate Optimisation data, simply put we don’t guess and we don’t “just try” something. Many freelance and cheap web designers will provide something that looks good but performs terribly for converting visitors into leads or paying customers, just as you web designer to explain specific design choices – you will be amazed at how many will simply say “because it looks nice”.

Where we stand out from the crowd is in our understanding of how your website MUST be able to help grow your business. In other words, we help our clients understand how to create a design which doesn’t only look good, but also convert visitors into leads, customers or clients. We have over a decade of experience in helping our clients grow their business through a well-planned website which is optimised to convert more visitors into paying customers. All of the web projects we build get a once over for search engine friendliness to ensure your new website uses all of the best practices for your industry – as a leading digital marketing agency we know exactly what it takes to get to page one of Google.

Put simply, we are not just a web designer.

Let us know what you are looking for and join the list of happy Teckle Digital Agency partners.

Teckle Digital Reviews

Teckle Digital is rated 5 out of 5 based on 5 Client reviews on our Google business page.
Capital Chiropractic

Capital Chiropractic is a chiropractic clinic located in the centre of Edinburgh. Capital Chiropractic approached us in 2014 to provide our website design expertise and build a new and clean design while also providing the relevant information patients required. 

The new look utilises the latest version of WordPress CMS  and is also mobile friendly. 

William Ree & Partners

William Ree & Partners is Dundee located plumber, boiler, and heating company. They are also one of our longest oldest clients. Originally William Ree & Partners required our web design service to create their first website which was to be mobile friendly, search engine friendly and easy to use. Since then they have redesigned twice with the third in progress.

The current William Ree & Partner website is a bespoke PHP build. They do have a new project in development which will utilise WordPress, so be sure to keep a look out for it.

William Ree is an active client of ours and currently rank high for their relevant plumbing, boiler and heating search terms in Dundee and the surrounding area.

eSport Source

eSport Source is an informational and news website for the gaming industry. We were tasked with the job of providing a WordPress build which offers an attractive design with specific functionality imperative for the business. The website has been well received and does very well with user interaction and search position in Google. 

This project utilises the latest WordPress CMS, is mobile friendly and is also up-to-date with all of the best practices for both design, user experience and conversion optimisation. 

We also provide services to eSport Source on a monthly basis while they grow in popularity.