Top 7 Reasons Why Tradesmen Need Search Marketing

SEO for tradesmen

Regardless of size or industry SEO can play a massive part in how successful your business is. Starting a new trade business is usually a case of word of mouth. We were the same in the early days. As an SEO Edinburgh agency, we had a list of clients that came to us through good word of mouth, but we realised it’s very risky relying on word of mouth for the long term.

We speak to a lot of companies around the UK and some don’t understand the benefits of having their website at the top of Google because they are already busy. It is a valid point to an extent, but what about in a month, two months or even what about in 12 months? SEO (search engine optimisation) is a long-term concept, meaning you can’t phone an SEO company when you have run out of customers and ask them to get you to the top of Google straight away.

All ethical SEO companies should advise against starting SEO if your business is struggling in the here and now. Because SEO doesn’t provide results overnight it is for companies that already have customers from other sources, e.g. word of mouth, print marketing, radio ads etc.

With all of that in mind, what are the best reasons for tradespeople starting SEO services?

Why you as a tradesman need an SEO company

1. You will make more money.

Let’s get the most important one out of the way quick. Being at the top of Google is almost a guarantee of more money. If your website is at the top of Google, then you will get more people on the website and in turn more phone calls and emails from potential customers. New customers will think your you reliable, excellent and trustworthy before even getting in touch if your website is at the top of Google.

2. Different types of clients. 

Word of mouth is great, but in a lot of cases, tradespeople feel obliged to offer mates rates when a friend has connected you with a new customer. If you’re on page one, you could end up being too busy to take on anything for mates rates. This has been a significant issue with lots of self-employed tradespeople we have spoken to!

3. Find what’s most profitable.

When you have a website at the top of Google you will quickly find that some services are in demand more than you would have expected, your website doesn’t tell customers about an essential part of your service.

4. The Ability to grow.

No matter if you’re a sole trader, one person band company, small company or even medium-sized just getting to page one can provide your business with enough income to grow quicker and more prominent than word of mouth can ever achieve.

5. Commercial contracts.

Let’s be honest here; in most cases the most profitable jobs are a business to business contracts and commercial contracts. Word of mouth will rarely get you in front of the decision makers of commercial contracts. Being at the top of Google means they will find you as soon as they start looking!

6. Return on Investment.

This is where things get brutally honest. SEO at first is expensive. It’s a service which doesn’t make a return instantly it will take a few months to see measurable results in the form of extra revenue. With that in mind as soon as you rank high SEO will pay for itself very quickly! For some of our clients all they have needed is two new jobs per year to cover the costs of 12 months of SEO – Yes, we are THAT affordable and THAT good

7. Completely hands off.

Having an SEO company take care of your SEO means you don’t need to worry about updating your website, how it’s performing or if it breaks Google’s forever updating rules. We as an SEO company have you covered – we also keep your website up to date without the need for a different web designer, we are web designers!

8. Our Costs?

Yep, I know we said seven reasons, and there are eight on this list. In most cases tradespeople pay around £350 to £500 per month for SEO from us, the only reason it would cost more is if you have multiple locations or your provide different services (e.g. A company that offers plumbing, electrical, and everything in between would be a little more). We pride ourselves on maintaining affordable rates which provide a profitable return. You can even get started yourself for free with our proven SEO tips for local Edinburgh businesses.

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