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Goodbye, FAQ Schema – FAQ rich results removed from Google Search

Yesterday Google announced, via X,  that the FAQ and HowTo rich results feature has had its visibility reduced. It has been reduced significantly with this change. The Decline of FAQ Schema This was likely to happen given FAQ and HowTo rich data results have been one of the most used SEO techniques for gaining more...
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The 10 EASY Steps For Ranking High On Google Maps

Ranking higher on Google Maps is vital for businesses, as it increases visibility and can drive more traffic. When searching for local businesses, you will usually see 3 (or maybe 4 if there is an Ad) map listings appear close to the top of the search results. Being within this 3-pack can make a huge...
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How to choose a web designer

How to choose the best web designer for your business?

Choosing the right web design agency can be a decision that makes or breaks your business’s online visibility and sales. When done well, web design can make your brand more recognisable, increase user engagement, and drive more sales. We have been building websites for clients since 2006. We have either built, maintained or updated hundreds...
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Is Laravel the best PHP Framework

PHP has evolved exponentially over the past few years, with many frameworks emerging to facilitate web development. Laravel framework has gained significant popularity among these, often considered the best PHP framework amongst fellow PHP developers. But is that assertion valid? I try to discuss and answer this question by evaluating Laravel’s attributes, comparing it with...
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Laravel PHP Framework – What is Laravel?

Web technology is constantly evolving, which means many businesses can build their own simple websites using WordPress and WIX. Many small businesses use these platforms to develop their website to keep costs low because they are perfect for most small websites. There are many development tools and PHP frameworks that can be used. There are...
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The Best Local Search Engine Optimisation Checklist?

We speak to a lot of local businesses in Edinburgh, and they all have the same requirement in that they need to get higher in Google. Some small businesses simply don’t have the budget right now to take on an SEO company, and like anyone that has called us, we always try to give the...
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