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Leading SEO Glasgow Services

We provide SEO services to small, medium and large businesses in Glasgow as well as across Scotland and the rest of the UK. Our services help to increase revenues through your website with affordable pricing, proven results and continuous support.

  • Result & Performance-Driven Campaigns
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing
  • Web design support
  • Regular Performance Reports
  • Direct Communication – not just a monthly email!

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Our SEO Agency Provide a Service with Proven Results!

Affordable Pricing

The costs of our SEO services are affordable for all Glasgow businesses. We base pricing on the industry you’re in, the competitiveness, the state of your website currently and importantly we take into consideration your expectations.

Increased Revenue Through Your Website

Our services get results. We achieve results which allow our clients to increase their revenue through more customers. We do our research to ensure we get your website in front of the people most likely to buy your services and products.

Real Time Performance Reports

All of our clients get access to our real-time performance tools which allow you to see at a glance what is happening, where the website is and importantly if your #1 yet!

Constant Communication

Some agencies only report once a month on progress, not us. In the early days, we send out AT LEAST once email a week with an update of what we have achieved and where the website is. We also tend to call our clients just to keep them in the loop of what is going on when there has been movement in Google.

In-House Services

When you hire Teckle Digital, you get Teckle Digital. We don’t outsource the management of our services to ensure our clients get the best results possible. 

No Long Term Contract

Here at Teckle Digital we don’t ask any of our clients to sign long-term contracts. You can stop our services when you want. That being said, it’s rare for our Glasgow clients to leave us once they see the results we achieve! 

SEO in Glasgow With Proven Results

Teckle Digital provide reliable, professional and affordable SEO to businesses around Glasgow, as well as from all around the UK. We have been providing internet marketing to clients since 2006, so we know exactly what it takes to rank websites on page one in Google and all the other major search engines.

Since 2006 we have yet to have a client that hasn’t seen measurable progress and a return on their investment. We LOVE hearing all the success stories our clients have when they realise just how effective our services are at increasing business revenues through higher positions in Google.

How we do Search Engine Optimisation?

Every client is different. Step one for us, Teckle Digital, is to understand your business. What you want to achieve and where your website can do better. We offer a FREE and no obligation consultation where we ensure you get the services that are right for your business without paying for services that will make no difference to your bottom line. Not many SEO companies will tell you this, but in some rare cases, search engine optimisation isn’t worth the investment for some small businesses. We are 100% upfront about this and can give other advice regarding other internet marketing options, in some cases these other tasks can prove lucrative and cheap. 

Step two starts once you have decided to work with us. At this point, we start a full audit of your website, links to your website and social media presence. Then we will have a comprehensive list of On-Page tasks that we will complete to make your website search engine friendly and correct any search engine health related problems. In some cases, clients will come to use having used various other consultants with no success only for us to uncover a list of problems that had been missed. 

Once we have this list it’s time to get our hands dirty. This process is usually the most tedious and slowest at the start of an SEO campaign. Each subsequent month we update all of our client websites to ensure they are all using the best techniques and conforming to all the best standards set out by Google. On top of the SEO health audit and website updates, our service consists of content creation, social media and acquiring highly relevant links to your website. All of which help boost your website over time and eventually the website starts to increase onto Page one of Google. 

Every business in Glasgow we provide SEO services to has different requirements, so we do take a completely hands-on approach with everything, meaning you get the best value for your money. We also provide constant communication, unlike most other SEO agencies who will only provide you with a few emails and an invoice every month! We like to take care of our clients at every step to ensure they are happy with our work and ensure they understand where the website is in terms of progress. 

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How Much Does Search Engine Optimisation Cost?

A realistic base cost for a small business in Glasgow would be £350 to £550 per month depending on your business’ requirements, the industry competition and what state your current website is in. This price point is normally perfect for small local businesses that want to increase revenue through their website for one or two physical locations (offices, shops, clinics, garage etc.) in Glasgow. This price can be higher if your business operates in an industry which is naturally very competitive, or if you operate across multiple cities or even want to target a nationwide campaign. 

What’s included in our SEO Glasgow services?

  • Google Business optimisation – This way your business can feature on the map results when searching for something like “Plumber in Glasgow”.
  • Full Audit of both On and Off Page factors.
  • Content Creation to ensure your website sends the correct message to visitors and search engines.
  • Relevant and high-quality link building to boost the website to page one and then keep it there.
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation. So when your website gets to page one you can rest assured it is converting visitors into paying customers instead of turning them away.

If you are looking to start a digital marketing campaign for your Glasgow business then be sure to get in touch with us here at this leading SEO Agency in Edinburgh, Teckle Digital.

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