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We've built and designed WordPress websites for businesses big and small, all across the UK.

We’ve been developing, designing and building WordPress websites for businesses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and the rest of the UK since 2006. We are known to provide an agency experience at freelance prices. 

Teckle Digital provides a complete digital agency service taking your next WordPress website from a list of web design ideas on a notepad to a new website with all the features your business requires.


Who We Have Worked With

WordPress Experts for Small and Large Businesses

WordPress Developers & Designers

WordPress is the most popular open-source content management system on the internet, sole traders and international brands use it. The reason being it is straightforward to use as a website owner. Every WordPress website design benefits from the complete list of functionality with WordPress. This means our clients can take complete control of managing their websites without needing to contact and pay a freelance WordPress developer or us for simple updates. 

Teckle Digital has a team of developers, designers and WordPress experts who can help with all projects. If you need a website for a small business in Edinburgh or a WooCommerce website for international sales, we have website development experience and skills on hand. 

Our WordPress web design prices are the most competitive in Edinburgh, Scotland and likely across the UK, considering our experience! 

Are you looking for a WordPress agency to help turn your website into something you can be proud of? Contact Teckle Digital today to discuss how our web development services can help your business. 

A design built specifically for your business from £1499 +VAT

Bespoke WordPress Theme Development

When building websites on WordPress, you generally have two options. The most common option for businesses requiring a little more unique look and feel is to go with a bespoke built WordPress theme. 

As the project starts, we will go through a design phase. This is when we agree on how your website will look once it has been built. It will also dictate the exact functionality and features you require. At this phase, you have complete control over every aspect of the website’s design, look and feel and content structure – much more control than you can generally achieve with an “off-the-shelf” option. 

Building a bespoke WordPress theme is often the best solution for businesses. Still, it comes at a premium price due to the additional design, development and testing required. 

Benefits of Bespoke WordPress Theme

  • You will have complete control over how your website looks
  • Features will work EXACTLY how you want them to 
  • Supporting more complex requirements is often more cost-effective with a bespoke design.
  • Website speed and load times are often significantly faster due to having more granular control over the underlying design.

There are no benefits to how easy your website will be to maintain, update or even the SEO. WordPress is already great at that, and any “off-the-shelf” theme should be chosen with this in mind. 

The "off the shelf" option from £999 +VAT

Building with a WordPress Theme

At Teckle Digital we design “off-the-shelf” options with premium WordPress themes just as often as bespoke designs.  The main reason many of our clients choose to go down the route of an “off the shelf” Theme is that they simply don’t need a bespoke WordPress theme – oh, and they are significantly cheaper! 

The businesses that can make the most of a premium theme are usually small local businesses. They usually just need a small brochure-style website with basic functionality that WordPress already provides, or WordPress plugins can bridge the gap with no issues. Something to keep in mind though is these Themes often require more regular maintenance so ongoing costs can be a little higher. 

Being WordPress experts means we will have an opinion on which option will suit your business best. That being said, often both options are viable and it will be left as a business decision for you to make. We can communicate the pros and cons of each option as they apply to your specific requirements – which does require a consultation. 

Benefits of “Off The Shelf” WordPress Themes

  • Cheaper initial design costs
  • Comes with lots of added features (you may or may not need or want them)
  • Delivery time can be measured in days/weeks (bespoke is measured in months)
freelance web designer services
Theme & Plugin Updates, Developer Support and Bug fixing

WordPress Maintenance & Support

As your business grows and adapts, your website must do the same. This is where we can offer ongoing WordPress support and maintenance or provide one-off costs for the support your business is looking for. 

Plugins and Themes can require frequent updates. These updates provide additional features and patch security vulnerabilities that crop up from time to time. For that reason, it is recommended that WordPress websites are kept updated regularly.

When & Why we recommend WordPress

With our vast experience, it has come to show that WordPress can be the best solution for many businesses. Few companies require a bespoke system with multiple complex features, so WordPress is usually worth considering. 

The main reasons why we then suggest WordPress include the following:

  • User Friendly: At Teckle Digital, we provide FREE training when using WordPress on a project. Many of our competing web design agencies charge a premium for WordPress training, but we don’t. The reason for this is simple – WordPress is straightforward to learn and become confident in using. We are also on hand to answer questions when needed! 
  • Running Costs: WordPress is so popular that many cheap web hosting plans are more than capable of running a small business website. It will still be very affordable if your business requires a little more power. Also, when adding new features and upgrading your website, you may benefit from the Plugin library for WordPress, meaning upgrades can be very cost-effective. 
  • Project Timeline: If you are in a hurry, then a basic WordPress website can go from ideas to live on the internet in a matter of days. YMMV when it comes to critical features for going live, but generally, WordPress projects can be turned around faster than some more bespoke systems. 
  • Great for your SEO: WordPress can be great for your Search Engine Optimisation because many SEO plugins, features and Themes can assist in your SEO campaign. That being said, there is a myth that using WordPress will just make SEO easier, and Google prefers WordPress – that is 100% not true. If a designer, developer or agency tells you Google prefers WordPress, we suggest you get another opinion from a more reliable source.

What websites suit WordPress?

There is a common misconception that WordPress is just for blog posts and simple personal websites – this couldn’t be further from the truth. Since 2006 we have built hundreds of websites powered by WordPress, maybe into the thousands. These websites include: 

  • Standard websites for small businesses where all that is needed are pages to describe the services they offer. For example, you can think of Plumbers, Solicitors, Surgeons, Locksmiths and any other service-based business. 
  • WordPress can be a great e-commerce solution with the help of WooCommerce. 
  • Online communities with registration and logged-in areas
  • Property sales, lettings and holiday home rentals
  • Online booking systems
  • Charities looking for fundraising functionality
  • Online calculators for everything from kitchen installs to salary and tax implications. 
  • Integration with APIs from third parties

Free Consultation

We provide free over-the-phone consultations, to help provide you with answers to questions you have and explain your options. 

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