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Build your bespoke web applications, shops or social communities with the help of a UK Laravel Development Company.

We have been building web applications and websites using PHP Frameworks like Laravel since 2006. Our first Laravel development project was started and delivered in 2012 on a freelance contract. Since then we have been providing our expertise to companies large and small across the UK.

Having worked with this PHP framework extensively we understand the benefits and complexities of this type of project. With the right Laravel developers, you will come to expect your application to be easy to maintain, reliable and scalable.

As a Laravel development agency, we have the experience and expertise to build bespoke eCommerce applications, web apps, community portals, and content management systems (CMS) websites. That doesn’t include the hundreds of third-party APIs we have worked with over the years.

If you have a similar project in mind, then get in touch. We have been providing web design services in Edinburgh and across the UK for well over a decade now. Our Laravel developers have the experience, skills and reputation for providing quality Laravel development services. 

Bespoke CMS, Complex Data systems and Web Apps

Laravel Development Projects

We use Laravel to create complex web applications that can be both flexible and scalable. You may require integrations into third-party services such as payment gateways like Stripe, logistical and operational services such as Shipping APIs, bespoke user interfaces or even CRM.

Over the years we have built many applications such as bespoke CRMs, custom eCommerce platforms, social communities and internal solutions for the UK banking sector. With the help of Laravel, we can provide you with an application that checks all your boxes, at a competitive price.

New features, Enhancements and Bug Fixing

Maintenance & Support

Once your application has been built it should be easy and affordable to maintain long term. That being said, additional features and enhancements can be built into existing Laravel applications.

In many cases, we help companies that need help enhancing or bug fixing an already built Laravel project. Teckle Digital’s Laravel developers can help with everything from bug fixing to planning new features for your application.

Our team of Laravel experts can audit your existing application to identify technical debt, and potential security concerns and provide an agreed level of QA. Projects that are built by the team at Teckle Digital can be maintained and updated and have security upgrades as agreed on a project-by-project basis.

Why Use Laravel?

Is Laravel the "Right" choice

Laravel is one of the most popular PHP frameworks, but as well as being popular it has a large list of reasons why your next website should be a Laravel-powered one.

  • Coding Efficiency: It is known by Laravel developers to be a boilerplate PHP framework which includes all of the foundational features that all websites will require to function. This saves time, budget and more importantly project time. 
  • Open Source: Many frameworks come with a hefty price tag these days. Laravel though is completely open source. This means it is well maintained and upgraded by the full development community. 
  • Scalable: A web application built and planned well by Laravel developers can be very easy to scale with your business. This goes for both cloud and server scaling as well as upgrading and enhancing your website as time goes on. 
  • Flexibility: It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a simple content management system or a data-heavy and highly complex platform – you are covered.  
  • Security: Compared to the likes of WordPress, Laravel has significantly fewer security concerns. The community that contributes to Laravel (including Teckle Digital) identified, patched and release constant updates to ensure security concerns are dealt with. 

Why Use Teckle Digital for Your Project?

Being one of the leading small digital agencies that provide Laravel developers, our team have the qualifications, expertise and experience to build all types of Laravel web applications. We have recently built bespoke content management systems, media catalogues, eCommerce platforms and social communities – we specialise any many other PHP frameworks and content management systems too. 

Our team also has built a reputation for being able to recover projects that have gone wrong previously. That may be an existing project that has known bugs, a project that requires a new development company or most commonly an application that has been abandoned by previous freelance Laravel developers. 

Although we are based in Edinburgh, Scotland we do provide Laravel development services to companies all across the United Kingdom. So your location will not be a problem for us. 

Teckle Digital aim to provide the best support and services that we can. This usually means we go the extra mile for all of our clients. 

If you want to find out more about our Laravel development services then get in touch today. 

Free Consultation

We provide free over-the-phone consultations, to help provide you with answers to questions you have and explain your options. 

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