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Woocommerce Development Agency located in Edinburgh, UK.

We are a WooCommerce development agency based in Edinburgh that has worked with clients from all across the UK, Scotland and many international businesses. We have been building and designing WooCommerce websites since 2006, making us one of the most experienced WooCommerce agencies in the UK. 

Our typical E-commerce development client is an established online brand looking to upgrade its system to something like WooCommerce. Many of these businesses have shops supplied by freelance web developers, and now they require an agency to take things to the next level.

That being said, we have helped many UK brands launch their first E-commerce website. Helping them launch, market and establish an E-commerce SEO campaign to grow their shop. 

The E-commerce team at Teckle Digital understands the unique and complex requirements that often come with building a brand online. With our vast experience, we can recommend the best approach to hit or exceed your business goals. 

Who We Have Worked With

WooCommerce and E-commerce Platform Experts

Woocommerce Development Services

Do you want to launch a new online shop? WooCommerce can be the answer to all of your questions. It has been built within the WordPress ecosystem meaning your website has a whole host of features, can be adapted to fit almost any business type and can be built fast. 


We have helped some businesses go from ideas on a notepad to a WooCommerce website accepting sales within weeks. 

Teckle Digital is a full-service E-commerce web design agency. We only use the most popular and best content management systems, meaning we can help guide you to an informed choice for all the technical decisions.

With most consumers now buying online, it has become critical for businesses to ensure their web presence is up to date, loads fast, is mobile friendly and can be found on search engines. We help brands with this every day – brands you may have bought from! 

We can help design your WooCommerce shop with our experienced and skilled web design team. 

WooCommerce FAQ

If you have futher questions about WooCommerce then just let us know.

How much does a WooCommerce website cost?

At Teckle Digital, we don’t offer “cookie cutter” packages that will provide features that some businesses don’t need, want or miss out on features that you do need. We like to offer exact prices for everything your business requires – that was the “it depends” answer.

The cost of a WooCommerce website depends on the number of features you want. An example of features that would likely make the price higher are: 

  • Designing a bespoke look and feel or working with a premium WooCommerce theme
  • The number of payment options for your customers
  • Supporting Cryptocurrency payments
  • Allowing flexi-payments with the likes of Klarna, LayBuy, Sezzle etc. 
  • Selling subscriptions to services and monthly deliveries 
  • Warehouse or complex stock management 
  • Multiple Currency support
  • Bespoke Shipping rules that don’t fit the standard WooCommerce setup
  • How many products do you intend on selling – although we don’t price our services based on this, we must know if you are selling tens, hundreds or thousands of products, as the requirements can change. 
  • Requiring a shop that hand handle a large influx of visitors for product releases, sales and promotions. 
  • International shipping duty support
  • Bespoke reporting, auditing or other non-standard e-commerce functionality.
To put a rough number out there, a small WooCommerce website with no significant unique requirements will cost around £2,250, excl VAT.

How long does it take to build a WooCommerce website?

Most of the time, it will take 1 to 2 months for a standard WooCommerce website. The exact amount of time will depend on how busy the Teckle team is, how big the WooCommerce project is and how complex any bespoke functionality is. 

We have a wide range of timelines, with some projects being completed within just two weeks, while a few others have taken more than six months due to the unique complexity of those projects. 

In some cases, we can phase a website launch. You can launch your new WooCommerce website with minimal functionality to get sales through while we work on more complex functionality in the background. This can be a viable option for most new businesses, but already-established brands may want to consider the impact of a website with minimal functionality – something we can help you make an informed decision about. 

Can an existing website be converted to WooCommerce?

Yes absolutely. 

We regularly help businesses take the next step by moving their website from Shopify, WIX and Squarespace, to name a few, to a more dedicated and feature-rich WooCommerce website.

It doesn’t matter what system your current website uses. The Teckle Digital team can help you migrate to a WooCommerce web design.

Do you provide web hosting for WooCommerce?

We do provide WooCommerce hosting on our UK servers. The hosting we provide will be tailored to your business requirements. Our WooCommerce web hosting starts from £35 per month for a small shop. 

Can you provide WooCommerce SEO and marketing?

Easy and quick answer: Yes. 

Teckle Digital are an established SEO agency with a reputation for delivering results. We have worked with many house name brands that you will know of, have used and may have even bought from. 

WooCommerce SEO falls into the category of E-commerce SEO as there is no difference. Your content management system or E-commerce software should make no difference to an experienced SEO expert. 

All websites we build come with the essential SEO audits completed. We ensure all new websites can be found by Google, load fast, are mobile friendly, and meet all the foundational SEO aspects. Then it’s over to the active SEO campaign to build on that for your business goals! 


Free Consultation

We provide free over-the-phone consultations, to help provide you with answers to questions you have and explain your options. 

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