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So, You’re Looking for an SEO Edinburgh Agency?

No need to look any further. We here at Teckle Digital are a specialist Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Agency based in Edinburgh with clients from all over the UK. We have over a decade of experience in delivering top rankings on Google, actually we have been helping businesses in Edinburgh with SEO since 2006.

We’re not the usual SEO company that promise to get you more traffic and then leave you to it when you still don’t see an increase in sales. Let’s be honest with each other you’re here because you want you businesses to become more profitable. That is exactly what we measure results on. We use research and result driven methods that are proven to increase website traffic, sales and leads. Can we make any overly optimistic and bold guarantee about what positions you will get? No, but we do provide estimates based on our over decade experience in the SEO industry. 

Just have a scroll down and look at some of our stats. We’re sure you will be convinced that you have found your new Edinburgh SEO. If not, drop us a line and ask us anything – we’re completely transparent. 

Professional and Affordable Edinburgh SEO Services

Getting a website to rank high isn’t a quick or easy task in most cases. The SEO process can take anywhere from a few weeks to a few months with lots of factors having a hand in how long it will take to produce worthy results. The time to get good results is tied to both the competitiveness of your industry and the time we have each month to work on your SEO service. With that in mind out average time to Page One results for our clients in 2017 was 4 months. Some did take longer and some took shorter. In one case our first SEO Edinburgh client of 2017 was able to go from absolutely nowhere to Page one in less than a week of starting our SEO service. 

Are You One Of These Businesses?

  • Need to increase your organic search engine results and revenue?
    • Since 2006 we have been helping businesses increase their organic positions in Google, resulting in increased organic traffic and revenue. We offer one of the most experienced SEO service Edinburgh has to offer.
  • Is your business suffering from a drop in Google?
    • Your website may have been hit by a Google penalty at some point which would explain the drop. In our experience though mosts drops are due to something not being quite right with the overall SEO strategy. We have helped many websites turn their fortunes around with our SEO health checks. 
  • Had your fingers burnt by another SEO in Edinburgh?
    • In 2017, over 75% of our new SEO clients came to us having had their fingers burnt by previous “SEO experts”. All of those clients are now experiencing progress – by that we mean they are ALL on Page One now! Unfortunately this is a common issue with many cheap SEO providers popping up. 
  • Have you out grown you current SEO provider?
    • Not every SEO consultant has the same experience and not all of them will be able to adapt to your businesses requirements. In most cases we are able to provide the “Big Agency” service for the small business cost, which means you might be able to step up your game without having to increase your costs at all! 
  • Do you have a requirement for Google Adwords PPC?
    • Teckle Digital managed £840,000 in adwords spend for 2017 across all of our Adwords PPC clients. 

Get in touch today and let start getting you the results you deserve. We will get back to you usually within a couple of hours.

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What Exactly Goes Into Our SEO Service

Taking a website from nowhere and achieving Page One results on Google isn’t an easy or quick task. In most cases it takes months of well planned and executed tasks which when combined provide the foundation of a healthy and successful SEO strategy. We are often asked what it takes to get a website to increase it’s organic search engine positions and there isn’t simply a one size fits all answer. Every website is different and every business is looking for different keywords and goals to be achieved. 

That being said we do rely on some of the same tasks that help all of our clients. The below list isn’t a full list of what we do ever month for our clients but it’s certainly a start!

On & Off Page Optimisation

  • Title & Content Optimisation
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Image Descriptions (Alt Tags!)
  • Semantic HTML
  • Link Building
  • Google Map Verification & Optimisation

Technical SEO Audit

  • Google Crawl Errors (404s etc.)
  • Sitemap Generation
  • Full Redirect & URL Audit
  • Website Restructure (Rare)
  • Deploy SERP Snippets
  • Google Business & Structured Data

Content Planning

  • Full Website Content Audit
  • Audit Competing Websites
  • Fresh Content Plan
  • Content Optimisation
  • Industry Content Marketing
  • Rich Media (Video, Audio etc.)

Daily Reporting

  • Google Position Tracking
  • Bespoke Website Traffic Analysis
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Search Console Report (Monthly)

The Teckle Digital SEO Process

As we mentioned above getting a website to rank higher in Google and produce a return on your investment isn’t a quick or easy task. As an SEO we have to take into consideration everything from previous optimisation work, content on the website, structure of the website and even the design that your website uses. Google’s job is to ensure everyone get’s the answer to their question as fast as possible so if your website is causing issues due to it’s speed or even if it doesn’t work well on mobile then these will count against you. 

At Teckle Digital we have developed a process that means we can quickly audit the current state of SEO and then provide a tailored-to-you plan of action which is designed to get the best results as fast as possible for your chose keywords and industry. This also comes with estimated time frames, traffic and revenue reports (assuming you have previous data to base new numbers off of) for the task at hand.

Oh, and we do all of that during the consultation process and free of charge. Something we always get told from clients is that they love how much time we spend during the free consultation as it proves that we don’t just know what we’re doing but it proves that we understand their business goals. We don’t do boiler plate quotes and emails, every single quote that we send is 100% customised for each client because in over a decade we have never found one client that needed a simple “SEO Package”. 

Consultation [FREE]

During the consultation period we aim to get as much information as possible about your business, goals and previous SEO you may have had. This consult gives us the information we need to formulate a list of measurable goals. During this consult we will also talk through the technical and content Audits that we have completed before hand. Soon after the consult we will provide you with a full and through quote based everything we had agreed during the consult. 

SEO Strategy

Once we have agreed terms, we get started. The first month of SEO is based on everything we discussed during the consult, our over decade experience and what we both feel is the best course of action. This consists is ensuring we fix any clear breaches of the Google guidelines, all technical SEO issues and start moving through the major content tasks.

Data Driven

As soon as Google has seen the changes we have made we go from an experience and evidence driven SEO strategy to a completely data driven one. At the end of the day why on earth would we ignore the data Google gives us when we make changes. If we had some tasks planned but the data we get from Google points to other changes being more likely to increase out positions faster then the plan will move in line with that. This is how data driven SEO works.  

Review & Optimise

You will have access to daily updated tools which provide as much information as we can possible need for measuring progress of the SEO service. We also like to schedule a monthly or bi-monthly meeting (or call) to review progress and ensure everything is going to plan. This is actually more important when we get ranked high as it is the key opportunity for us to measure just how much of a difference SEO has made to your business and if there are any CRO (conversion rate optimisation) tasks that we should be looking at.

Note: For the most part our CRO services are included in the SEO retainer. After all, you’re paying us to increase your business through Google and that is exactly what we aim to do. We are always looking at ways to maximise your ROI through both SEO and CRO.  

An SEO Agency with a record of getting results!

Simply put we get results for our clients. We have helped many businesses around Edinburgh do exactly what your looking for, getting more business from online. That maybe with SEO, or it might even be more cost effective to run paid advertising on Google Adwords. When you contact us we will provide you with a breakdown of what we see as being the most viable marketing opportunities for your business and budget with a break down on costs, timeline expectations and expected ROI. 

We’re not your generic SEO agency that “guarantees” you page one results for specific keywords, because no ethical digital agency would do that! We’re the type of agency that gets you a measurable progress through increased organic traffic, increased leads and most importantly increased revenue.

What Makes Us Different?

  • Our team live, work and laugh in Edinburgh
  • We have been providing SEO & Web design since 2006 - 12 years!
  • Daily SEO updates, weekly traffic & lead audits and monthly progress reports - all at no extra cost!
  • A track record of getting results - Every client we worked with for longer than 3 months in 2017 achieved page one results!
  • Monthly face-to-face meetings available at no extra cost.

Local SEO Edinburgh

Local SEO is a specific service that we provide to companies that want to rank higher for keywords with geographic locations in them. For example you will have likely found us by searching for SEO Edinburgh or even Best SEO company in Glasgow (Not that we’re biased). Both of those searches will bring up a Google map result with 3 listings, this is called the three-pack. Many years ago it used to be 7 listings but now that it is 3 listings it is competitive. 

Our Local SEO Edinburgh service specifically combines optimising for both normal organic search results with optimising for the three-pack. As of 2018 all of our Local SEO clients that have been with us for more than 3 months are featuring in the three-pack. 

Getting your business featured in the three-pack alone can produce results well in excess of what many expect. This is the sole reason we advocate pushing local SEO for small businesses around Edinburgh as it will have a profound affect on your sales and leads. 

What Our Clients Say?

  • Well, I’m completely bewildered by the “black art” which is SEO! I own a business in the very competitive Motor Industry and just was not getting noticed anywhere on the internet and so I began my search for help! I came across Teckle Digital a company I was not familiar with but I had a good feeling with after reading through their website. I was looking for a company that was small enough to care about my business but big enough to perform! I contacted Nathan and he instantly filled me with confidence and so we began talking about various things that would get me further up the search. We agreed a term there and then and within days, yes I mean days we were seeing results from rankings, website traffic and even new customers calling!

    Fantastic Job done by Nathan and his team!

    Tim Sleigh
    East Coast Motor Group
  • Great web developers. A high standard of technical expertise and a very good level of delivery on times, dates and budgets. Highly recommended.

    Dave Sharp
  • Teckle Digital have been our web design and search engine company for 9 years now. Our website performs much better. Teckle Digital have always been responsive to changes and suggestions from myself.

    Tony Addyman
    Owner of William Ree & Partners