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We provide digital marketing to businesses that want to increase revenue through their website. Our clients profit from our highly sought after and proven to work SEO services and digital marketing. If you want to increase your business revenue with data-driven techniques in online marketing as well as higher positions in search engines then just get in touch. We can show you numerous companies in Edinburgh, Scotland and around the UK that we have helped.

  • Campaigns driven by ROI & Results
  • Conversion Rate Optimisation
  • PPC, Social Media and Email Marketing
  • Website Design, Maintenance & Support
  • Monthly reporting
  • Constant Communication, not just a monthly report!

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We get businesses on the Google first page

Dominate the Market

We’re not the type of agency that will get you to page one and then relax. We ARE the type to aim for the #1 spot, once we get it we pivot and target other markets for you.

Increased Revenue

With our digital marketing services, we help businesses achieve higher revenue through a combination of our highly tailored services.

Communication is Key

Having constant and direct communication is the key to a well-executed marketing campaign. This is why our clients are kept up to date with the status of their website and marketing plan. 

Regular Reporting

We provide tools which our clients can use to get real-time data on progress. We also provide at least one report per month to ensure you’re seeing progress and flag any potential issues. Not to mention we like to catch up for a coffee with our local clients!

Affordable SEO Services

The cost of SEO is dependent on a lot of factors but our costs start from £200 per month for a very basic digital marketing campaign. Our costs across the board are both affordable and competitive when compared to other agencies with a similar full-service plan. 

Conversion Optimisation

It’s all fun and games until you realise your website is #1 and getting zero new customers. This is a VERY common problem that we include in our pricing model by default, unlike most other agencies who will charge an extra premium rate. 

Our Digital Marketing Services are PROVEN to get results!

If you have decided you need to get your companies website higher in Google and are now looking for an SEO agency in Edinburgh, look no further!  

During our FREE consultation, we don’t only provide a no-obligation quote and structured marketing plan but we also provide proof that we know what were doing and have a track record that spans a decade. Oh, and most importantly were happy to show you exact results we have achieved for other Edinburgh (and international) businesses, you can even speak to a few of them if you so wish. We don’t hide the fact that we think were one of the best SEO providers (OK, I’m a little biased!). 

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Why Your Edinburgh Business Needs to be top of the Search Engines

Having your company website on page one makes sense, but is it worth it? In a word, YES! Imagine page one of Google is like Princes Street in Edinburgh on a Saturday afternoon – it’s chock-a-block with customers. With our services we get websites to “Princes Street” while our clients do all they can to entice the new visitors to buy their awesome services and products.

In most cases when YOU, yes actually you, want to find a product or service your first port of call will be a search engine 90% of the time. As I have already stated, you likely came across us because you searched Google for a digital marketing company. Being found on Google is critical for the growth and stability of a business! 

of your customers don't look past the first page of search results
of your potential customers only check the top 5 results on the first page
of our clients see progress and a return on investment with our services

Regardless of the size of your business Search Engine Optimisation NEEDS to be one of the most important parts of your marketing plan and budget. We ensure our prices are always competitive, affordable and ensure you make a return on investment once your website has achieved higher positions in Google. Being a leading SEO and digital agency in Edinburgh means we know ranking websites at the top of Google can be difficult. As well as take a long time when compared to other marketing techniques such as PPC and social media. With that in mind though the benefits of SEO far outweigh the inconvenience and investment. Search engines are always evolving every day, changing the rules and updating penalties (The latest “large” Google update was September 2nd, 2016) that can be applied to your website without you even knowing about it. But, with a reliable and professional agency that doesn’t use bad, outdated or unreliable techniques (Source: Google) you can rest assured that you will soon be at the top of Google like our other clients! 

About The Teckle Digital Agency

The Teckle Digital Agency is a professional digital marketing company based in Edinburgh. We provide digital services such as search engine optimisation, web design, social media management and PPC. We have over a decade of experience with internet marketing, helping businesses from various industries increase revenue through their website, social media presence and from online in general. Our first priority when recommending something to a business is to make sure we focus on a return on investment. At the end of the day, our services are built to help your business grow. 

I’m Nathan Payne, owner of the Teckle Digital Agency.

Nathan Payne - Managing Director of the Teckle Digital AgencyI am the Owner of the Teckle Digital, the BEST digital and SEO agency in Edinburgh, Scotland and the UK! OK, I might be a little biased but our clients certainly do think we are one of the leading digital agencies. I personally take a hands-on approach with every client that comes through the doors here at Teckle Towers. I, myself, have over a decade of experience in all things digital which all of our clients benefit from directly.

I take a hands-on approach with every client that comes through the door. I have over a decade of experience in all things internet marketing which all of our clients benefit from on a daily basis. 

I first started by providing digital marketing services and ranking websites high in Google for companies in Dundee before moving to one of the largest digital agencies in Edinburgh. These days I now help businesses from all over Scotland and UK with the help of the Teckle Digital team.

If you would like to have a chat about what we can do for your business and what we can do for your revenue then drop us a line.

Client Testimonials

Brilliant SEO company, will definitely use again. The MD is in my top go to expert when I have SEO requirements.

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Great web developers. A high standard of technical expertise and a very good level of delivery on times, dates and budgets. Highly recommended.

Dave Sharp

Teckle Digital have been our web design and search engine company for 6 years now. Our website performs much better. Teckle Digital have always been responsive to changes and suggestions from myself.

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