Web Design in Edinburgh

Website Designer since 2003

We create fully functioning, beautiful and user-friendly websites that are proven to attain results.

Building affordable and professional web sites is what we are known for. Web design was the first service we offered when we started providing digital marketing services in Edinburgh, actually Teckle Digital started as a freelance web designer in Edinburgh. These days as an established digital marketing and SEO agency we can still compete on price with most freelance web design service while providing a high-quality agency still service. 

We have been designing websites since 2003 and have evolved with the demands of the web design. We were among the first to provide mobile-friendly websites before it became the norm, and one of the first to use a mobile-first design methodology, long before it was an SEO benefit.

Online marketing is incredibly competitive with every business investing in web design, SEO and paid advertising. That is unlikely to change as more businesses decide that online marketing is the most lucrative and profitable methods of marketing. With Teckle Digital as your Edinburgh based website designer, we can help you design a website that will perform on Google, help your business grow and provide you with an affordable foundation to buildup on. 

of People base credibility by a website
of people won't trust an outdated website design
of customers search online before making an in store purchase
of customers won't return if your website is slow
Responsive Web Design Services

Mobile-friendly Web Design

In many cases, your customers and website visitors will be using a mobile or tablet on your website. For some of our clients 4 out 5 of their website visitors are using a mobile device. This means how a website looks, works and how fast it is to load is very important. Gone are the day of building a website for a laptop.

We use responsive website design technologies and methodologies to ensure all of the websites we launch which means they are mobile-friendly straight away at no extra cost to you. every website that we build is tested across laptops, desktops, tablets and mobile devices to ensure they work, are user-friendly and load fast. For a quick example open this page on your mobile, you will see exactly how we have used responsive web design here.

These days it is incredibly important that your website is mobile-friendly because it has since become a ranking factor of Google. As more people use their mobile to search and look for products, services and information online Google has taken the stance that all websites should now be mobile friendly and load fast on mobile.

Does your current website look OK on a mobile? If not, then get in touch so we can help you.

Websites built with WordPress

WordPress Web Development

WordPress is the most common platform that we use when it comes to providing a cost-effective, scalable and robust web design solution for a small business. WordPress 58.6% market share when it comes to websites that use a CMS (Content management system), making it the most popular platform.

If you are looking to build a small or large website then WordPress can help. We commonly build eCommerce websites and even social networks using Wordpress. The platform is very flexible when it comes to features that we can build and use.

Although we most commonly use WordPress that doesn’t mean we’re just a WordPress web developer. We have inhouse experience and skills using all the main CMS and frameworks. Everything from ProcessWirre, Joomla and CraftCMS to Codeigniter, Symfony and Laravel.

Teckle Digital can build your brochure, eCommerce or bespoke website development project – get in touch today to discuss what exactly we can do!

Laravel, CodeIgniter & More

Bespoke Web Development

If you are looking for something a little more complex and customised than a standard brochure website then you have found the best web developer for the job. Teckle Digital has been at the forefront when it comes to providing bespoke website development projects. We have helped create custom website applications for well-known brands, banks and government departments across the UK.

The in-house expertise at Teckle Digital spans 16 years which means we have built just about everything. Social networks, eCommerce websites, web applications with millions of daily users and even small scale brochure websites.

We pride ourselves on providing a quality service regardless of the size and complexity of a project. We have a very good reputation for providing value for money and helping our clients to grow, something we are very proud of.

If you have a bespoke web design project you would like to discuss then get in touch today.

We pride ourselves in being competitive with pricing

Freelance Web Design with Agency Quality

Looking for someone to design, maintain or even fix your current website can be a difficult task. Many businesses will turn to a freelance web designer in Edinburgh to keep costs as low as possible which makes complete sense. That being said, here at Teckle Digital we provide our web design expertise at a very competitive rate which is often similar than a a freelancer you may find online. 

Having designed websites since 2003 we have developed a process that saves time during both project management and the development/design process in order to ensure all of clients get exactly what they need with a website they can scale over time. This highly efficient process means we as a company can provide our web design services at a fraction of the cost of other agencies in Edinburgh.

Where our services differ from most Edinburgh based freelancers and agencies is with exertise, how long we have been building websites and most importantly aftercare and long term support for your company. Simply put we are not a freelance web designer you work with and then struggle to get in touch with after paying them, we have been in business for a VERY long time and always answer the phone!

We provide free aftercare for your website which does vary based on the project and your requirements but we also provide a maintenance package which means you don’t have to worry about if your website is working, loads fast or needs software updates – we can take care of every aspect of your website and digital marketing process if you want us to. 

Get in touch today and let’s chat about your web design project.

Here's what we'll need to get started

So, are you interested?

We doesn’t take too long to get a project started with Teckle Digital. Even the most complicated web design projects can start quickly. If you are interested in our web development services then do get in touch. We will walk you through the process of how we go from your idea to a fully functioning end product.

We will require some basic information about your project:

  • What you are looking to achieve e.g. brochure, eCommerce or a complex web application. Be as descriptive as possible here as it will serve as a guide for estimates and quotes.
  • Do you have a deadline for completion in mind?
  • When are you wanting to start the project?
  • Are you looking for other services? SEO services for example.
  • Do you need a custom design, branding and logo design too?

If you have any questions for us, want to see some of the websites we have worked on or want clarification on what we can help with then don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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