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Getting a website on to page one of Google isn’t a dark art and we certainly don’t have any mystical secrets. We simply pay attention to what works and what doesn’t in the industry as a whole. Like all things in life, SEO doesn’t provide guaranteed results for specific keywords and topics. With Teckle Digital at the helm of your SEO strategy though, you will see progressive results that make a difference to your bottom line.

Keyword Research

We perform a full keyword research and audit which is used for our first SEO campaign plan. This process is often repeated every few months to ensure we are targeting the best keywords for your business goals.

Competition Analysis

Using your competitors search marketing activities as a foundation we can tailor your strategy to ensure we have the best chance possible of breaking into Page One, then of course getting to the top.

Link Building

Some Agencies and Freelancers treat link building like a secret task that only they can know about. We take a different approach, we are as transparent as you need us to be. If you want to know why one link is “better” than another or what we do to acquire links through content, then were happy to walk you through that process.

SEO Analytics

Unlike many other SEO agencies, we provide access to tools and reports that give you the latest data in real time. Generally speaking, we don’t provide a monthly report unless requested, as we already provide daily reporting tools which provide 80% of our clients with the information they need.

SEO Increases Experienced By Our Clients

Client #1: This small business started with us at the turn of 2017. They had previously used other Edinburgh based agencies which had resulted in nothing but a bad experience. We created a bespoke search engine optimisation campaign based on their industry, budget and expectations. Over the course of 6 months, we had progressive increases, leading to a secure page one position in the top 5.

Client SEO Results for Edinburgh and Glasgow

Client #2: We started providing services to this Scottish company in February 2017. Within only a few weeks we were able to audit, identify issues, fix said issues and enhance the website’s ranking factors to a point where it secured a page one positions in both Glasgow and Edinburgh. This website has since increased further and also expanded into other areas due to success.

Client SEO Results for Edinburgh

Client #3: This is another Edinburgh based business that came to us in February 2017 having tried and consulted with various other agencies in Edinburgh with little success.  This company had once been on page one but dropped over time. We were tasked with getting their 3 main keywords back into the top 3 on page one, something we accomplished within only 3 months!

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What Exactly Goes Into Our SEO Service

Taking a website from nowhere and achieving Page One results on Google isn’t an easy or quick task. In most cases, it takes months of well planned and executed tasks which when combined provide the foundation of a healthy and successful SEO strategy. We are often asked what it takes to get a website to increase it’s organic search engine positions and there isn’t simply a one size fits all answer. Every website is different and every business is looking for different keywords and goals to be achieved. 

That being said we do rely on some of the same tasks that help all of our clients. The below list isn’t a full list of what we do every month for our clients but it’s certainly a start!

On & Off Page Optimisation

  • Title & Content Optimisation
  • HTML Code Cleanup
  • Image Descriptions (Alt Tags!)
  • Semantic HTML
  • Link Building
  • Google Map Verification & Optimisation

Technical SEO Audit

  • Google Crawl Errors (404s etc.)
  • Sitemap Generation
  • Full Redirect & URL Audit
  • Website Restructure (Rare)
  • Deploy SERP Snippets
  • Google Business & Structured Data

Content Planning

  • Full Website Content Audit
  • Audit Competing Websites
  • Fresh Content Plan
  • Content Optimisation
  • Industry Content Marketing
  • Rich Media (Video, Audio etc.)

Daily Reporting

  • Google Position Tracking
  • Bespoke Website Traffic Analysis
  • Conversion Optimisation
  • Search Console Report (Monthly)

Free SEO Quote & Audit

We help many businesses around Edinburgh so don’t hesitate to get in touch. We only work with one business per set of keywords, to avoid any conflict of interest. Get in touch if you have a requirement for our SEO services.


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