Digital Marketing Services We Provide


Search Engine Optimisation

Our range of SEO serivces are affordable, reliable and well known to get results. Improving your organic search ranking positions means new customers will find your business easily on their mobile, laptop or desktop computer. If you are looking to increase your revenue and are not on page 1 of Google then SEO is for you. 

There are many SEO agenices in Edinburgh and we all claim to get great results but what makes Teckle Digital different? For one, Teckle Digital is a small agency which means every single business we help gets our managing directo, Nathan Payne,  actively working on their campaign – and we don’t mean just for fleeting meetings and phone calls! Nathan has been an SEO expert since 2006. 

Our SEO services have a proven track record which we are more than happy to show you, just get in touch. We are also proud to be one of the most affordable SEO agencies in Edinburgh with our hourly rate being only £55. 


Web Design

Mobile-friendly Web Design Services

Web design is where we started. Teckle Digital was built on the back of provide businesses around the world beautiful websites which were mobile friendly. The very first web site we worked on was in 2003, that is a whole load of years ago! Since then the industry and evolved and there is a constant demand to ensure websites are firing on all cylinders for both you as a business and your customers. 

A website that is well designed and developed is the foundation of any SEO service so it is imperative that your business has a website that works for them. Many factors go into the creation of a reliable and well built web site. If you would like to discuss your web design options in more details then get in touch. 

Alterantive you can read more about our website design services. 


Google Adwords - PPC (Pay-Per-Click)

Google Adwords gives you the ability pay to be at the top of Google search results through what is called PPC, pay-per-click. Many businesses are not comfortable waiting for the results of an SEO campaign and need instant results. This is where PPC can come in handy. 

Teckle Digital run PPC campaigns for many businesses around the UK. Last year we managed in total over £800,000 in paid ads to Google for our clients. We don’t only know what we are doing but we know how to succeed where others have failed with super competitive Google Adwords keywords. 

Our Google Adwords management fees are incredibly competitive so if you have a requirement for a Google Adwords expert in Edinburgh then get in touch today. 

Social Media

Social Media Marketing

Social media should be an integral part of any business these days. Many customers will turn to the likes of Facebook, Twitter and even instagram for inspiration on that new holiday, product review or even looking for a local business that can help them. 

With social media there are two approaches. The first is engaging with your customers and posting regular content to all of your social media platforms. The second is to run targetted ads at the people that are most likely to need or want what you are selling. 

We help many businesses small to large with social media management and social media marketing. We work with budgets and targets of all sahpes and sizes so be sure to get in touch if you are looking for a social media expert to take control and get you results. 

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