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Laravel PHP Framework – What is Laravel?

Web technology is constantly evolving, which means many businesses can build their own simple websites using WordPress and WIX. Many small businesses use these platforms to develop their website to keep costs low because they are perfect for most small websites. There are many development tools and PHP frameworks that can be used. There are...
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The Best Local Search Engine Optimisation Checklist?

We speak to a lot of local businesses in Edinburgh, and they all have the same requirement in that they need to get higher in Google. Some small businesses simply don’t have the budget right now to take on an SEO company, and like anyone that has called us, we always try to give the...
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SEO for tradesmen

Top 7 Reasons Why Tradesmen Need Search Marketing

Regardless of size or industry SEO can play a massive part in how successful your business is. Starting a new trade business is usually a case of word of mouth. We were the same in the early days. As an SEO Edinburgh agency, we had a list of clients that came to us through good...
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4 Proven SEO Tasks Edinburgh Business Owners Can Do That Will Make A Difference

Are you spending hours researching how to get your website to page one of Google? Only for it to make no difference at all?! I have been doing SEO for over a decade, and in that time I would estimate that 90% of my clients tried SEO themselves before getting in touch with us. Of...
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